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CNC and steel machining
We provide post-weld tool steel machining services.
Our modern machine park which includes CND devices and wide variety of control system, measure methods allows us to provice large and small series of details in the highest quality.
We also offer machining process as milling and grinding.
MILLING – element milled on each side
Dimensions – size range: 2200x3000mm
Weight – max. 12 tons


GRINDING – surface grinding
Dimensions – size range: 966x3000mm
Weight – max. 3 tons


To provide you proper quality and precision of services that we use following measurement systems:
– Renishaw touch probes
– optical linears
– Ceftification: 3D system of production machines


CNC department also contains services as:
– drilling
– Boring (range 20-88mm, depth 250mm)
– Machine tapping for M30
– Deepening
– Bevelling
– Carrying handles
Services which are mentioned above, are additional. Realization of each project is determined individually.
We are able to design a 3D pre-processing of each personalized project in accordance with client’s documentation.
We use latest CAD-CAM technology.