About us

Akrostal Co Ltd was established in 2000 and since it has been one of the leading quality steel distributors in Poland. The wide range of products, consists of c. 1500 items, is stored in the warehouse of the total area of 10000 square meters. For higher efficiency we also have two additional reloading units: in Mikołów (the southwest of Poland) and in Ostrava (the Czech Republic).

We offer:

· hot and cold work tool steel

· quenched and tempered steel

· spring steel

· high speed steel

· carbonized steel

· nitriding steel

Other steel grades can be delivered upon the Client's request

Among our recipients are the main players in such branches of industry as: aerospace, automotive, armature, shipbuilding, agriculture and foundry.

There are three elements that contribute to the success of Akrostal:

1. Quick service

40 band saws and 20 gantries are run 7 days a week in 3 shifts. Everyday we deliver freights to our logistic centers, from where they reach clients within 24h.

2. Competitiveness

We provide our clients with the widest variety of products. Continuous investments in new products make us competitive with other great metallurgical companies in Europe. Also our Machining Treatment Dept. (milling, grinding, drilling) will enhance our competitiveness on the market.

3. Quality

Being the only Polish tool steel distributor we set up our own research laboratory.

For many years we have been working with a few research institutes all over the country. Our products are under constant tight technological control as we carry out tens of metallographic tests each month.

Our great experience in metal branch, perfect logistic solutions and a varied range of products make our clients satisfied both in Poland and Middle Eastern Europe.

We will be happy to answer all your questions and requests.

Akrostal team

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